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Does he use it on you often? I mean on your pretty cunt. She would have pleaded for mercy if she had thought it would make the faintest difference. More than the imminent violation of her pussy, it was the thought that she might actually enjoy it, which terrified. And that Aaron might see her enjoyment. I want to hear you say it, little one. Carly writhed within her bonds, excruciatingly aware of her exposure, physical and psychological, before this woman. She despised Miranda for each new humiliating touch, for making her provide a show of consent.

Heaven knew what Aaron thought of her now.

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Carly was horrified, mostly by the increased moistening between her thighs on that final potent word. Her eyes flicked inevitably to Aaron on the bed. His gaze was locked on her. Disappointment, anger, fascination, she could hardly read what was there, but his manhood was pumped hard, his hand still sliding back and forth on it, whether he was aware of the action or not. She drew together what mental resources she had left in resistance.

It was all she could do to stifle her moan as she was sampled. Aaron absorbed the show in an agony of jealous desire.

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Carly looked so fucking beautiful with her head rolling back against the post, eyes flickering closed and mouth agape, firm thrusting tits studded with nipples as pronounced as he had ever seen them. The beloved dress was a crumpled mass around her waist and she was keening as though for the loss of everything she loved, while Miranda burrowed deeper. Even in his anguish he was furiously aroused.

For something treacherous and lustful within him was thrilled by what he saw. He wanted to watch the dominatrix ram that thick, veined replica-cock inside his pretty girlfriend. Carly was shocked beyond coherent thought by the thick surge inside her pussy. She had been drizzling moisture from her depths so that the intruder went up her in a single slick movement. Among the fragments of thought that remained as she was repeatedly filled was an understanding—this woman had no boundaries as to how she might screw with her and Aaron.

That morning when riding him it had occurred to Carly that she never wanted anyone else inside her. But her cunt was contracting around the rubber invader that stretched it and flowing more freely than ever. And the plug remained stuffed in her other hole, filling her up more than she had ever been in her life. He could not remember her having ever reacted this way with him. The thought threatened to compromise his ardour, and yet she looked so obscenely hot he found his fist pumping his cock towards completion.

That was until Miranda swivelled around, jabbing a demanding finger. Aaron dared not contemplate her meaning. The possibilities were too disturbingly exciting. She strolled to the mini-bar, where she cracked the seal on a bottle of mineral water and poured herself a glass.

Both of you. Carly hung her head in post-orgasmic wretchedness. Miranda sipped her drink, dividing her gaze between them.

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  • Then she reached down and gripped the base of the sex toy, drawing it slowly out, as the girl gave urgent high-pitched squeaks in response. The device she tossed over onto the bed close to Aaron, where it lay fat and glistening. Still both so young, is my point. Carly glanced at Aaron fearfully on those words and he returned the look instinctively, stomach clenching, even though his cock remained rigid. The exchange was not lost on Miranda, who gave a delighted grin. Carly bridled under her touch, ashamed at having come so freely in front of her trapped lover.

    Very trustworthy in regular circumstances. Tell me, how did he react when you wore the dress? Did he decide he simply had to be with this sophisticated young lady forever? Did he make special love to you that night? Tell me, Carly, was the dress worth it?

    Aaron had never laid eyes on the dress till that afternoon. His invitation for her to come live with him had been nothing to do with whatever woman she wanted to be, whatever image she wanted to project. Or thought he had.

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    She felt a deep resignation as Miranda unfastened her from the bed-post, seized the loop of soft black material and pulled her to the bed. The abused girl stared at him sorrowfully through all her trussed indignity and he could scarcely return the gaze. She read into his gaze how crestfallen he was.

    She whacked Carly on the base of her tight dimpled ass, extracting exactly the response she had desired. You like that?


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    She turned to look at Aaron once more, her eyes burning. From within it she had taken the key to the handcuffs. Her tits bobbed within their confines as she went to unlock. As the cuff clicked open, he felt free only physically. Carly remained on hands and knees like she was crushed in spirit, though she peered around to see, as Aaron struggled up from his forced sitting position.

    She reached across Aaron to the bedside table, her boobs briefly cushioning his dick and causing him to shudder while she retrieved the tequila bottle. Miranda set the bottle aside and guided him to beside his kneeling girl and her reluctantly out-thrust ass. I mean properly?

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    But you want to. She had read him too well. Do it now. In all the time he had dated Carly, Aaron had done no more to her rear than playfully slap it as he chased her laughing into the shower. He reached out and smacked her tentatively. Miranda was disdainful. She squealed into her gag and Miranda let her know it was her boyfriend who had done it. This time without urging.

    Whack … at the lower curve of her bottom, right above the point where her glistening pussy lips were peeking through. Go on, girl, work yourself. Let me see you. Spank your bitch. She cried aloud, pressed her face into the bed-cover and plunged her hand between her legs to rub on her clit, providing him further incentive to spank her soundly.

    And now she was loving her punishment. Smack that nasty pert ass, harder - harder - fucking harder. Use this. Into his open hand she was pressing the latest item retrieved from her bag, a black leather paddle stretching to almost a foot in length. Aaron had never seen or held such an item before. He stared at it in amazement, then at Miranda. She was gazing at him, her face full of lewd encouragement, then she slithered her smooth hand all over his cock and balls.

    It made lust ripple through his body. He held her stare, all his contempt for the woman subsumed by sheer sexual craving. Surprise her. She let loose a muffled but full-throated scream, louder than before, and stared back to see what had changed. But Aaron was already into his second blow. He brought it down on her again - and again - and again - making her body jolt, causing her to cry and squirm. He was erotically charged, living in that moment, lost to all else. Aaron had been co-opted into misusing her, yet the firmness of his impacting hand inspired fresh lust. All that, however, was wiped out by the first blow of the paddle.

    The hard splat against her ass came an instant before the arrival of the burning sensation. And then he landed a second stinging blow on top of that one, and kept going till her buttocks were one great mass of searing, thrilling sensation. She was wet through it all; each time the pain of a blow began to ebb she sought to rub her clit again, but the succeeding explosive impact would divert her completely.

    What was he thinking of? How could he do this to her with such apparent relish? She twisted around as she had done before to throw her boy a beseeching glance, and in her deranged state could not take in what she saw.

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