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My mission is not to get things done, because X and Y are on my list and need to be done so I reach my goal or stay out of trouble. My mission is to be active. That is the important thing. Not doing the things. Being active.

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Process over outcome. And, well, I might as well keep myself active with things I need or want to do. Things I need to do become a means to fulfil my mission of ensuring a certain level of activity in my day. And thus it becomes much easier to do them.

More on that later. I had a wonderful professional experience in Fribourg. I read Thierry yesterday. There is time to think while I write. He has a lot of old man ailments but nothing that is killing him. After six months silent, where do I start? A few articles have been knocking around in my head.

One on voice messages. Another one, for the WDS blog , will be advice I would have liked to give year-old me when I went freelance. Let me know. The episode is about food. The podcast was describing how memories of meals are created. For example, if you eat a meal of just one thing, you will remember that one thing. But if you eat the same amount of food, in the form of five different things, you will have memories for those five things. See where this is going? But say I put honey on one toast, jam on the second, and cenovis on the last: my memory of my breakfast will be much richer.

The podcast went on to talk about ordering strategies at the restaurant: do you order your favorite dish, or take the risk of trying something else?

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If you eat something different each time you go to the restaurant, or your favorite dish each time, you will not have the same memories. There is a tension between immediate enjoyment and the creation of memories. But you will certainly have enjoyed each day if you like the beach. But if you did all sorts of things during your holiday, there are certainly days where you would have had more pleasure sticking with the beach — but your memories of your holidays will be much richer.

I tend to stick in my comfort zone. I stick with what I know and what I like. I go to the same places. I had never realised the impact this way of living my life was having on the memories I am building of my life.

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Evaluation of the hypoglycemic effect of aqueous extract of Phyllanthus amarus in alloxan-induced diabetic albino rats. Support Center Support Center. External link. Pourquoi faire vacciner votre enfant? Vous lui offrirez une meilleure protection contre certaines maladies graves. Vous devez apporter le carnet de vaccination de votre enfant. Fil d'Ariane Accueil Installations. Heures d'ouverture Heures d'ouverture. Contact du service , poste Consultation en nutrition. Contact du service Comment obtenir ce service Appelez pour prendre rendez-vous.