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On Burnside Street cheerful Museum volunteers come and go from a variety of projects. All over campus we have volunteers working on exhibits, and the buildings. Some of our volunteers are Roger Williams University students working on several projects as interns. In the office we have volunteers helping to mail thank you letters to donors, and working on the Reliance Blog, as well as scanning and cataloging an amazing collection of photographs.

Information is abundant at the Museum, and the Education Committee is working with the local and state education departments to make it accessible to students and create knowledge. We have designed extensive programming and we are building field trip programs as well as programs that we will take to the classroom. These programs are linked to the latest curriculum which includes introductory engineering. The Summer Seamanship Program begins June 24th.

Here we teach the art of seamanship. Seamanship is an art because it can only be learned by doing. You can study buoyancy, current set and drift, and leeway in the classroom, but you can't learn to shoot a mooring except by practice.

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Registration opens on February 1. The lecture series is a great excuse to come by for a gam with old friends and new friends, and to learn something too. February 28th David Liebenberg will be speaking about how he and his team qualified for the Youth America's Cup. Like parties?

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Come support the Museum and enjoy good company, good food, and good music. All this and exhibits too! Of course we are working on our exhibits while we are closed. The Steam and Fittings Hall is getting explanatory signage, and additional interpretive work.

Records of the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club

The Timeline Wall is scheduled for an upgrade also. The Bash, scheduled for March 9th will start at and run to 11pm.

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All hands are on deck to help with preparations for what is sure to be the party of the season. Food stations, with fare supplied by local vendors, and bars will be spread throughout the Museum for guests to frequent and savor. Also on hand will be a DJ, a photo booth, a games area, and tables with tempting items for a silent auction. A live auction will happen during the event and all guests will want to make sure they are standing by and ready to bid on these amazing items soon to be announced. An early invitation went out this week and tickets are currently being sold.

We are pleased to announce our Title Sponsor - The Bay. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Museum and we look forward to working with The Bay staff on this very exciting event. Other sponsorship opportunities are still available. This is a great way for local companies to stay connected to a great non-profit organization.

The event will market all sponsors to thousands of people as we post to facebook, send out e-blasts, and remind all of our friends that this is the place to be on the 9th.

Boats to be Restored | IYRS Boatbuilding & Restoration

See you on the 9th! We accomplish that in a number of ways, one of which is the preservation and display of representative boats of the types designed and built by the Company. Nat Herreshoff is recognized as the developer of the first successful full-size fin-keel yacht. Both are in storage awaiting the resources to accomplish planned restorations for static display. WEE WINN had a long and successful race career and was the subject of an admiring description by the English naval architect Uffa Fox as an excellent example of light Herreshoff construction of the s.

Actively sailed in the Cowes area until about , WEE WINN was rescued from a bonfire and donated to the museum by Jonathan Janson in with hull intact, but missing the fin, rudder and spars. JILT is gaff-rigged sloop with a small cuddy and canoe shaped hull 31 feet length on deck with a 21 foot waterline from which is suspended a deep fin keel fashioned from timber and lead with a modified bulb, and a spade rudder. He sailed her in the s during summer vacations in Maine. He refit the hull and returned her to service with a plywood deck and larger deckhouse.

The boat again fell on hard times and suffered hull deformation from poppets set on uneven ground without keel blocks.

That is how she arrived at the museum when donated by R. Daniel Prentiss in The restoration plan consists of two parts: 1 Stabilize the hull including removal of hull deformation; 2 Restore the cedar lap deck and cuddy. The museum is searching for partners for the two historically important boats. If you are interested in helping the museum return them to their splendor as evidenced by the Kathy Bray prints please let us know. Two months later, HMCo. Oliver Iselin. The model arrived at the Museum shortly after Thanksgiving, and from subsequent research it appears that the model was made circa for Commodore Ledyard by the important model-builder Gustav Grahn of New York.

Stay tuned for updates and information on upcoming lectures. You can find information on our January lecture with Tim Fallon here. We are pleased to announce that our lectures are being filmed and the first 2 installments are ready to be viewed online h ere. Our lecture series has been very successful thanks to our wonderful presenters and our great sponsors.

This is a perfect way to share the lectures with an even larger audience. See you on January 24th!

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See the above graphic. The Admiralty had been steadily improving its steam launches, but always in the same direction each building on a previous design. The Herreshoff boat represented an improvement from a different point of departure. The boat weighed only 6 tons, 8 with torpedoes and stores. The wood underwater planking was more durable than the very thin steel plating that would be admissible to keep the weight down.

The steel skin and curved steel superstructure provided the hull strength and stiffness at the ends for davit storage.

Lil Yachty - Yacht Club ft Juice WRLD (Music Video)

The patented safety coil boiler consisted of feet of 2-inch diameter wrought iron pipe formed into a coil encasing the coal-fired combustion chamber. The compound engine, placed well forward, was joined by a curved drive shaft to a inch diameter propeller positioned so that it was always in solid water. The design of the boat, designated TB 73, and its performance were a matter of special interest when John and Nat delivered her to the Royal Victualling Yard on the Thames. On Jan. All were highly successful and the Herreshoffs were complimented on the results.

Recent Practice in Marine Engineering. Volume 1. London, New York, , p. After School Mentorship Update Lots of progress to report from the boat-shop, building Participation is up in our after school program, now in its third year. Luke graduated from Chariho High School in and studied marine technology there.

Cruiser Class News

He is attending CCRI. He was our volunteer junior boat-shop manager this summer, and helped many projects move at a steady pace. Fairing the hull was incorporated into the painting process, and she came out looking sweet. She is now being offered for sale, as we have received two boat donations this year! She is generously on loan from Larry Geuss and Pam Lenehan for sailing school use. We have scraped and re-painted her bilges, floorboards, aft and forward compartments.

We took a turn on the keelbolts while we were there — all secure. Then we have put two coats of varnish all over, and six more on the seats! We also faired and painted her topsides. FROLIC, also on loan for sailing school use is getting a replacement starboard seat support, interior white paint, and six coats of varnish. We are also fashioning a replacement boom from a larger left over piece of fir, repairing a tiller, building oak boom supports, and keeping the shop clean for the benefit of all.

We get to work with them on reducing RELIANCE plans to scale, geometry problems associated with boat-building, and drafting among the math and engineering problems we face. So you see, Building 28 can be a "happening place" worth your visit!