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These excerpts make reference to the conflict-rife history of the seventh century. To read these versus as verses with religious content would be fatal. This means there is no reason to read these verses, which were disclosed within the context of serious wars, as a command to attack religious freedom. There are no arguments in the Koran, a source of Muslim theology, to oppose religious freedom. Grundbegriffe aus Christentum und Islam" Lexicon of Dialogue. Fundamental Concepts from Christianity and Islam, published by Herder in This article is the abridged version of a lecture recently delivered by Halis Albayrak in Tubingen entitled "Islam in Europe.

Religious Freedom and Christian-Islamic Dialogue". But Iran-related films were among the festival's highlights. Impressions by Jochen Kurten. Skip to main content.

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Those who search the Koran for arguments in favour of intolerance and war will find what they are looking for — if they simply take the words literally and disregard their historical context. We should follow on from this," says Halis Albayrak. Boys in a Koran school in Tripoli, Libya. It originates from the person's very being, from his existential truth," says Albayrak.

In addition to the Koran's claim to the truth, says Halis Albayrak, "it also substantiates the sociologically and historically enduring religions' right to exist in the will of God and leaves, from a theological point of a view, a door open for the truth claims of other faith systems, with the exception of polytheism". It is a film about the hopes Anti-government protests Is this Iraq's Arab Spring? Iraq is currently facing such an alarming array of economic, political and social problems that many observers fear no-one will be up to the task of delivering the much-needed The renowned Iranian-American poet Kaveh Akbar writes in his poems about origin, religion — especially Islam, spirituality, the American dream and much more.

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The above mentioned signs are so basic that they can be found not just in Muslims but any human being. The Quran teaches us to point fingers at our own selves before we look elsewhere for the cause of shortcomings. The writer says, "The smuggling and hijacking of the faith by mullas and maulvis is a recent phenomenon. Firstly, there's no concept of accumulation of knowledge in Islam by an influential few.

In Islam, seeking knowledge is compulsory for every believing Muslim. If we look at the initial verses revealed from the holy Quran, we can see iqra read was the first word that were revealed and, in fact, repeated twice, the world qalam pen is mentioned once and the word ilm knowledge is repeated twice. Let us look at the meaning of these verses: "Read in the name of your Lord who created. He created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is the most honourable. Who taught by the pen.


Hadith on Hypocrisy: Majority of hypocrites are Quran reciters | Daily Hadith Online الحديث اليومي

Taught man what he knew not. Here Allah is not asking only Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him to read but the entire humankind to read and seek knowledge. The Quran has been described many times in the holy book itself as Hudal Lin Nas guidance for entire humankind not just as guidance for Muslims. To make the teachings of the Quran accessible to every human being was the life mission of our Prophet pbuh , which was assigned to him by Allah.

So, accumulation of knowledge into few hands is not an Islamic principle. The writer added: "If we can write praises in the honour of maulanas, if we can laud their unshakable faith, why should we not question the covert barbarism of these learned and distinguished preachers? I want to acquaint the writer with the fact that Islam is not merely a religion of seeking knowledge and of intellect.

It is a religion of good character and good actions. In Islam, having right knowledge is not sufficient. Right knowledge must be followed by right actions. Having a good character is emphasised heavily upon in Islam. Our Prophet peace be upon him was a walking Quran. There are many hadith prophetic sayings in which the Prophet declares that certain people with proper knowledge, beliefs and who also prayed regularly would end up in hell owing to their bad character.

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There's a proper balance between aml actions and ilm knowledge. The purpose of knowledge in Islam is to bring one closer to Allah and improve one's character. The Prophet in his final sermon said, "None is better than the other except by virtue of his character and piety. The writer spoke very highly of Al Mamun, a king from the Abbasid dynasty, who ruled from Baghdad. The writer totally forgets to mention that the very same Mamun imprisoned Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal for nearly the entirety of his reign.

The reason was not that the Imam had been a dissident. It was just that he had refused to agree with the sultan's take that Islam was from the created rather than the creator. Gustakh Manto travelled back more than a thousand years to celebrate a tyrant, suing him to deride present day Indian Muslims. That's quite a lot to swallow. Moreover, the writer hasn't given any proof of how the much maligned "maulvis" and "mullas" allegedly hijacked Islam.

Weeps When He Hears Quran, But Does Bad Things Too

In fact, there is no clergy in Islam and Muslims are free to worship their creator without any intermediary. The writer blamed Muslims for their own backwardness besides claiming that Muslims have distanced themselves from reason and logic and are engrossed in trivial matters such as protesting the book by Salman Rushdie instead of trying their best to come out of abject poverty. Though these verses depict the three most important characteristics hypocrites and unbelievers share in common, they end with different statements.

Hypocrites and unbe-lievers share many qualities and characteristics that confirm their blind-ness, deafness, and dumbness.

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They are unable to read correctly the Book of the Universe, which has been exhibited before them generously to help human beings discover the Supreme Creator. They cannot study and read existence and incidents properly. They ignore what the Scriptures say, and they cannot give ear to the voice of their conscience. However, they are deaf be-cause while every creature in the universe proclaims the existence of God by their unique language, they are incapable of hearing that.

They are dumb because they are incapable of acknowledging what they feel in their conscience.