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This name draws our attention to his pre-fall condition and to the nature of the cause of his fall—pride.

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It denotes what is not only ugly and useless, but what is injurious and destructive. Satan, as the ponhros one is actively engaged in destruction, in causing pain, injury, and death. He is a cancer to the human race. This name is especially related to his end-time character and world system when God removes all restraints and allows him to go his natural way, to become what he naturally is.

Because it gets its character from Satan, the evil one, it is an evil age that grows worse because of his presence and activity to both undermine the plan of God and set up his own rule and worship as seen in Revelation This designation points to Satan as the head of the demonic hosts Eph.

It is also the vehicle or medium of their evil influence. As spirit beings they operate in the realm of the air. However, it not only looks at the locality of their operations, but emblematically portrays the prevailing influence or spiritual atmosphere in which every individual and the world moves—an atmosphere of demonic influence controlled by Satan.

This is a somewhat debated clause. Many take this to be another title for Satan. Satan is the unholy spirit 1Cor who apes the operations of his divine counterpart by being constantly at work. Others take the position that it cannot refer to Satan on grammatical grounds. Some e. While some might list this as simply one of the characterizations of Satan, it is so much a part of his behavior, it seems fitting to list it under his names. Thankfully, since none of us are sinless 1 John , we have the Lord Jesus as our continuous Advocate to plead our case Rom.

This title reveals him in another of his primary activities as seen from the very beginning with Eve in the Garden of Eden Gen.

Forgiveness & Satan's Schemes: 2 Corinthians 2:1-11

His Agents: In two of the classic passages on his work of temptation, we see Satan personally involved Gen. Thus, in passages like, 1 Thessalonians and 1 Corinthians , the references to Satan simply point him out as the ultimate source, but he must rely on the following agents to carry out his temptation: 1 his network of demons, 2 the world system which lies under his control 1 John , 3 carnal or ignorant Christians he is able to use as he did Peter Matt.

His Avenues: The three primary avenues of his temptation are: the lusts of the flesh, of the eyes, and the pride of life 1 John Temptation itself is never sin. Though we can be foolish and set ourselves up for temptation cf. The Armor of the Believer: 1 Resist the devil by drawing near and putting on the full armor of God Jam. Some believe this spelling and meaning fits better with Matthew and This spelling also has the best manuscript evidence behind it.

Note that Matthew, Mark, and Luke all define Beelzeboul as the prince of demons. So this names epitomizes Satan as the leader of the demon hosts and the cause of the demon possession. Abaddon is the Greek form and Apollyon is the Hebrew equivalent. He further works to destroy societies and mankind. The various characterizations by which Satan may be described also reveal his many and varied activities.

Since these will be covered below under his activities, the purpose here is simply to note these varied characteristics to give a summary portrait of Satan as a warning for what he is and what he seeks to promote.

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When some people have their picture taken want the photographer to take only their good side because they are convinced they do have good side. Or they will ask him to touch up their photos to remove a mole or some other blemish.

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But no matter how we look at Satan, who was once the most beautiful creature created by God, he now has no good sides. He can put on a facade and masquerade as an angel of light 2 Cor. Through the biblical revelation of this sinister character, we can describe him as:. With pride or arrogance over his created beauty becoming the cause of his downfall, Satan is one who can be characterized by arrogance and pride and the promoter of arrogance among men Ezek.

Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king.


As has been pointed out, this is seen in both his name as the devil and in his activities as spelled out in his temptation of Eve Gen. In John He pointed out the reason when He said to them,. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. We must understand that Satan never stands in the truth, never. He may use the truth, but only to eventually propagate a lie. It is always a subterfuge for promoting his deceptions.

Using his network of deception through demonic forces and duped people, he promotes false doctrines in the name of God 2 Cor. This is obviously related to his work of deception and falsification, but it is such a part of his character and work that it deserves special notice. What does it mean to pervert? It means to change something from its original and intended use and purpose, to distort or twist from its true meaning and use. He is the imitator of imitators. The key passage on this is 2 Corinthians Believers are commanded to imitate their heavenly Father Eph.

Satan, remember, wanted to be like God and one of his purposes is to make men as much like God as he can, but always without God.

The Fall of Lucifer & Schemes of Satan

So, he will copy as much of God and His plan as he can, but he will always either distort, pervert, substitute or leave out those key ingredients of truth that are vital to the plan of salvation and sanctification through Christ. Though the Bible reveals a great deal about the fact, nature, program, purposes, and schemes of Satan, it does not give all the facts about his origin and fall or the cause of his existence as the great adversary of God and His people.

The Scripture teaches us that there is only one eternal and self-existent God who is the Creator of all things. If Satan were not a created being then he must be eternal or self-existent, a dualism which is incompatible with what the Bible teaches about God and the world in which we live. The Bible emphatically declares all things were created by God through Christ, and there is nothing that was not made by Him John ; Col.

As demonstrated under the doctrine of angels, Satan is a fallen angel and a created being. In addition, Revelation not only identifies Satan as the chief of the fallen angels, but by the parallel association described there, it identifies him as an angel. Just as Michael, also an angel, is described as the leader of good angels, so Satan, an angel, has his own fallen angels under his command. A considerable debate exists whether two passages in the Old Testament, Isaiah and Ezekiel , have Satan in view, but if they look beyond the human kings to Satan, they provide us with some detail on the origin and existence of Satan as to his creatureliness, fall, and present character.

He enjoyed the highest position and honor in the presence of God , After this, he is never again called by any of these prestigious titles. Instead, he is called by terms that reflect his fallen character and hostility to God and men, like liar, murderer, adversary, the evil one, Abaddon destruction , Apollyon destroyer , Belial worthless , serpent, and dragon. As with the rest of the angels, the time of his creation is not specified. If Ezekiel refers to Satan and to the earthly Garden in Eden, then, of course, he had to have been created before God planted the Garden in Eden Gen.

But can we legitimately understand Isaiah and Ezekiel to refer to Satan? Many believe that the very nature of the wording of these passages which describe someone with superhuman powers and aspirations must go beyond the kings of Tyre and Babylon. While it explains the origin of man and his sin and fall Gen. It mysteriously simply presents us with the fact, but not the how and why. In keeping with his ability to carefully and succinctly explains the issue, Dr. Ryrie has an excellent discussion on Ezekiel All agree that the subject of verses is judgment on Tyre and its leader.

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But the question is, do verses go beyond the human leader to reveal things about something or someone else? Views a through d are incompatible with the principles of normal interpretation, for there is no justification for introducing such mythology into the text. View e though possible, seems to fall short of fulfilling the totality of the sinister nature of the figure behind the king of Tyre.