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Past, present, and future all coexist harmoniously and I am super excited to share these special musical moments with you. Music is the answer. Also, I am drawn to talking directly to people wherever they may be. I grew up in Eastern Germany listening to the radio - it was my gateway to the free world.

That said, putting together and hosting this show is both fun and a challenge.

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I hope my selection and mix has a similar effect that radio had on me while growing up to be the listener and music obsessive I am today. Date: Search the site Can't find what you need? Search here. About the BBC. Charlotte is beside herself and fears for the children's safety. So its a race agsinst time to find the twins before it's too late.

It deals with surrogacy, the dangers, Motherhood, pregnancy, grief, miscarriages and Relationships. The Characters are complex, relatable and very well written. There are some sensitive subjects such as surrogacy and loss but it's clear to see the Author has put alot of research and sensitivity to still make an impact. The plot is pacy, gripping, twisty, suspenseful, with a twist of mystery and plenty of thriller that made for a compulsive read that will get under your skin and certainly leave you questioning things! Overall a fantastic debut novel I highly recommend reading. I'm looking forward to discovering more from Ruby Speechley!

Johnna W, Reviewer. This book was not for me, but was well written and engaging. The topic, was too much, as a mother for me to handle! Recommend to others who are okay with tough subjects surrounding children! Ruth P, Reviewer. This book touches on some tough subjects and harsh realities. While it is a thriller, fast paced and exciting, it is also heartbreaking and moving. You almost don't want there to be a resolution as much as you need there to be one.

It was a little slow in parts, but generally it was a good thriller. Linda T, Reviewer.

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Now she wants them back. Charlotte watched her Mum go through many miscarriages, and now she is a Mum herself she wants to help other childless couples become parents. When she meets Malcolm and Brenda on a surrogacy website, it seems that she has found the perfect couple. When Charlotte falls pregnant with twins, the pair are overjoyed.

But are Malcolm and Brenda all they seem? As secrets become unraveled, Charlotte is forced to face that she has handed her babies over to virtual strangers. The book draws you into the world of Charlotte and Steve and the fact they are desperately trying to have a baby to help another couple, however, Steve has ulterior motives of needing the "expenses money" for the babies and things then get rather complicated and sinister. Early on in the book you are given hints that all is not what it seems with Malcolm and Brenda, but I was nowhere near prepared for the full impact of what Charlotte and Steve have gotten themselves into.

This is a great psychological thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend, however, I had to knock one star off for the final chapter, which I thought spoiled the ending a bit for me. Claire C, Reviewer.

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Highly recommended - a true page turner. Tara F, Reviewer. Charlotte has always dreamed of becoming a surrogate.

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After the heartache of living through her mother having multiple miscarriages Charlotte wants nothing more than to help a couple who have been through the ringer and need some help. When she finds the perfect couple, Brenda and Malcom she knows that these are the people for her. When she becomes pregnant everyone is so thrilled. What a fun whirlwind of a book! I would definitely recommend this book to those into fast paced fun reads. I enjoyed the writing style, I loved Charlotte and found myself feeling her emotions.

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  4. Pat P, Reviewer. This is an enthralling story about Charlotte who wants to have a baby for couples who cannot have one of their own. She researches several sites online and finally chooses Brenda and Malcolm who are rich and have a beautiful home for raising a child. Charlotte and her husband Steve have a young girl Alice, live in a one bedroom and do not have much money. So apart from helping this couple. Steve also sees it as assistance to their financial problems.

    Charlotte de Berry

    Then Charlotte suffers a loss and begins to wonder if she is doing the right thing, but Brenda and Malcolm are relying on them and they do also have the first payment, so feel obligated. This story is a good one for a book club as it can raise discussions on not only morality, but can someone give up a baby. Janet P, Reviewer.

    Surrogacy is never going to be easy but this book opened my eyes to the trials and pitfalls involved. A compulsive read. Tracey S, Reviewer. A gripping poignant unique thriller The characters are relatable and very well written The author has dealt with sensitive subjects very well and has obviously done a lot of research The plot is gripping, twisty and suspenseful.

    This is a compulsive thriller which will get under your skin A fantastic debut novel.

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    Ali T, Reviewer. Ruby Speechley's debut novel is a psychological thriller focussing on the sensitive issues surrounding surrogacy. It asks some big questions: to what lengths would you go to help a woman like your own mother overcome a history of miscarriage and still birth? How does poverty affect the choices you make? How much control do you have over the children you give birth to, and what are your legal rights? This page-turner concerns an ordinary young couple, Charlotte and Steve, who've just had their first, much-loved child and are struggling to make ends meet.

    It's Charlotte's experience of her own mother's unhappiness that makes her want to give the joy a child can bring to a childless couple. She always thinks the best of the couple. Ami-May S, Reviewer. I am astonished how incredibly unique, inventful, eye-opening this storyline was. While also being abhorrent and shocking. The plot heavily focuses on the surrogate, highlighting surrogation laws.

    Emily Brontë

    It is an inciteful and educational read about surrogacy and outdated laws. But is a spine-chilling and impulsive psychological thriller. Charlotte wants to become a surrogate after watching her mother having multiple stillbirths growing up, her way of trying to mend the past and give somebody their dream of being parents or parents. You have swept away and intrigued in everything she says, does. Brenda and Malcolm as first seem such a brilliant choice to have a chance to be parents. They are in their 40s, married for 20 years and have had suffered 11 miscarriages. And for anybody, it would be hard to say NO to this seemingly perfect loving married couple who are desperate to have begun a family together.

    But things are not always as black or white or seem. It is an explosive fairground of emotions from mental health, loss, love whilst also inflicting to happy, sad, tear-jerking suspense and chilling feelings.