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Mar 17, J. Dallas won in every sense of the word and meaning. Whenever something that was supposed to tear her down or destroy her got in her way she took it in her first and she became a Phoenix and rose from the ashes. Mar 09, Micaiah rated it it was amazing. Great read Another great read from Ms Aubree This story took forgiving people to a whole nother level.

Not sure I could be so gracious.

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But freedom and peace of mind are everything in life. So glad they got that and then some. Bas and Alexia have a lot to learn but maybe those years will give them plenty of time to reflect and grow. Maybe we'll hear their stories again in the future hint hint. View 1 comment. Feb 27, Donna D Smalls rated it it was amazing. Yes Life can be funny.

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I was glad to see Dallas free from the hurt. I love Blaze because he healed her broken pieces. Good girls get hurt, but when the right man comes along they are whole again. I know people like Bas and Alexia negativity lies under the mask they live in. We have to love ourselves before we can truly ever be happy.

Mar 13, Monae Nicole rated it it was amazing. Loved it I knew karma was going to come around for Bas and Alexia.

I loved how Blaze came in and gave Asharia everything she deserved. Apr 13, Tesha rated it really liked it. Karma It never pays to use people and do wrong. In the long run, it catches up to you. You get greedy and sloppy!!! Asha was a true definition of living in live but even she had a breaking point. Redemption at its best, God got us!!!

Good job!! Mar 08, Shahtia Gay-hairston rated it it was amazing. It was like a bonus to an already good story.

The Way You Lie: The Aftershock

Feb 27, La'Chundria Mostella rated it it was amazing. Lex and Bas got what they deserved. Aunt Leslie is still hilarious. I highly recommend this series. Feb 27, Mya rated it really liked it. Great follow up I love sequels and this one did not disappoint. I would've loved to have learned more about Blaze's background, but this definitely gave us a solid ending. Great job. Apr 08, Lee Holden, E. Excellent read Excellent read, I loved the storyline and characters Asharia was a resilient woman. Although, she was betrayed by her husband and best friend, she managed to come through better.

Asharia found love and happiness with Blaze.

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  • Redemption by Elora Mitchell.

I recommend this two book series. Feb 27, Ernyka Blanson rated it it was amazing. She did it again!! Bas and Alexia got everything they deserved! Asha had rge biggest heart and Blaze lived to satisfy her, I hollered when he finally put hands on Bas!! Overall this was an amazing and well written story!!!!

Mar 02, Adrianna Crutchfield rated it it was amazing. But the aftershock part 2 totally made up for it. I loved it! Mar 02, Katrina Anderson rated it it was amazing. Closure Thank you for this! At the end of the other book I felt that their story could go on and on. This was perfect closure! Feb 27, Kimberly rated it it was amazing. Love it I couldn't put it down.

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