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Many clients need freelance translation services, but you should choose only one or two types to serve in order to stand out from the already crowded freelance translation market. To succeed in any business, you should study your client's needs, and writing a client avatar makes it easier for you to study the needs of only one or two clients.

You will not have to study the needs of 10s of clients, which can be overwhelming, at least at the beginning. It is consistency and implementation what make good marketing plans. FreelanceTranslators do not need long and detailed marketing plans. You can write a 1-page plan with few actions and stick to them.

Do not wait for clients who need translation services to come to your door. Get out and interact with them.

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Be in front of them as much as you can. Not every action you take will be the right one. You may need to review some areas and replicate others. Review the results of your marketing strategies. Perhaps you have used email marketing or social media marketing or other strategies. You need to master many skills to work as a translator. But being a native speaker of your target language and having a marketing mindset are the basic ones you need to survive as a freelance translator.

Always try to improve your translation and business skills by reading more about the industry and connecting with more colleagues. The checklist contains the necessary parts to include in your marketing plan. No fluffy words, just the real parts you need. Freelance translators work environments are various to a great extent. They work in different countries, with different language pairs and translate into many specializations.

13 types of translation where you must use expert translators

Hence, there might be a wide gap from one freelance translator to another when it comes to pricing their freelance translation work. Translation industry itself is a fragmented industry; there are no clear regulations for it in many countries.

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This fragmentation has affected the pricing of the freelance translation services itself. There are no set rates all translators can abide by. You need to have a standard price list, but review this list from time to time. Along the road, your experience will increase and the value you provide to your clients will be better. In return this will mean higher prices.

A Practical Guide for Translators

Also, do not forget to check your expenses list as it may affect the prices you charge. May be you have paid for an association membership or become a certified translator. If you are new to the freelance translation business and do not have a track record, you can add experiences and qualifications related to languages, such as teaching. Make sure you include your educational background. Usually, clients prefer to work with freelance translators who have an educational background in translation or language studies. Ask a graphic designer to design a business card for you.

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If you are just beginning your freelance translation career, you will definitely need one. Explore the possibility of a low cost service such as Fiverr or Upwork. Give your card to your family members, relatives, friends and anyone you know, if possible. You do not know who may have the right connection. If you are just starting out in freelance translation, a business card is a powerful tool to tell the world what you do.

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In this digital world, a website is an essential element of any marketing strategy. As a beginner, you can start adding the pages like, "About me", "Translation Services", "Prices" and Contact me". You do not have to pay a huge amount to set up a website initially. This is a yearly fee. Then, hire a designer to apply a content management system template for you.

I recommend a professional domain and hosting as this will give you many advantages. You will have a professional email address that you can use to communicate with clients. A free email service such as Gmail, is not acceptable anymore, it may affect your image in front of clients. A professionally designed website with paid hosting will give you more credibility. Your clients will recognise that you are taking your business seriously.

There are currently around 2 billion people now on social channels. You do not need to be on all these channels, choose the ones that you think your target clients are using and that you feel comfortable using. Building a powerful social media profile takes time, but there are basics for any professional profile. Do not be passive when using social media for your marketing. The main goal should be opening conversation with potential clients and colleagues. By talking to people and showing your personality, you will be able to build real relationships with people that can turn into business opportunities.

Do not stop posting, commenting and sharing with other people. The checklist includes main tasks you need to consider when designing and launching your website. Like many other freelancing websites, the translation gig websites are based on bidding. A client posts a request asking freelance translators to submit their offers, and to explain why they should be chosen. You will feel stressed many times due to different reasons, Always save sometime for your personal life to get refreshed and ready to the next jobs.

Proz is one of the best websites to find online translation work. It has been around for years and almost every freelance translator knows this website. It is a great place to start your freelance translation career. You can start with a free membership profile and bid in jobs when possible. Proz provides not only work for translators, it has many other great features, such as a forum for translators to exchange ideas, plus free webinars and articles.

If you are a paying member, you can find out what other translators say about companies registered on the website. You will learn more about the history of the company and whether they pay their translators or not. Translators Cafe is another great website. It has been around for years too, and is probably the second largest website for freelance translator work.

You will need to create a professional profile, like any other freelancing platform. Clients will post requirements and ask translators who are specialized in the area of the project to submit their bids. SmartCat is a growing community of translators. It has a very intuitive and modern look. As a freelance translator, you can create a very attractive professional profile in SmartCat and make offers for gigs. Clients can also contact you directly if you have a strong profile. Many clients do not know about the above translation-only websites. They may head over to other general freelance websites.

The same rules apply; create a professional portfolio, bid for posted job requests and win new translation clients. This is the largest website for freelancing work. Potential translation clients can contact you directly for jobs, or you can bid on the posted requests. Clients can add reviews for your work. So, deliver excellent work to receive a 4- or 5-star review, which will help you to gain more trust. This is another well-known freelancing platform. The prices and quality of clients in People Per Hour are much better than many other freelancing websites.

You can upload samples for your past work and also ask clients who are not part of People Per Hour to add testimonials. Searching on Google or other search engines is another great opportunity that many new freelance translators omit. You can use Google to search for clients in your country or at the international level.

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Start by contacting potential clients in your area and offer them your services. Give them a call or send them a letter with your offer and business card. You can start by making a general search on Google. For example, you can search for "translation companies" only, which is a general search query. You can limit this search query to your country, or any country that you are targeting. For example, search for "translation companies in Germany". This will generate search results with companies who are located in Germany.

You can even add a specific specialisation to the search query.

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For example, you can add "technical translation company" if your specialisation is technical translation. Working a freelance translator involves working with many tools. You will wear many hats: translator, project manager, marketer and administrator. You will need plenty of tools to help you manage each part of your job.