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And I didn't.

One Stiletto in the Grave: Part One

I told them this past Sunday. To say they thought it was pretty awesome, would be to put it mildly. I tried really hard to make this an All-Ages book. Yes, it's written for kids, but I want adults to enjoy reading it, too. I mean, there's nothing worse than reading a boring book to your child, right? When my nieces asked me to describe the book to them, I said it was kind of like a comic book, but without the pictures. Their eyes lit up at that description and I think it's a pretty apt one. I really enjoyed writing this book and I hope you guys enjoy reading it.

Kindle UK Nook. Labels: Castle Sisters , New Book , shameless promotion. This is what I've been working on the last few weeks. So, this is really for her and her sister, but I'm going to share it with you guys, too. Coming next week:. So, it's here finally. The 3rd Reapers in Heels book. I'll let the book speak for itself:. Kindle Germany. Kindle France. Kindle Spain. Kindle Italy. Labels: awesome , free book , New Book , Reapers in Heels , shameless promotion. So, I'm doing a, I don't know, free tour? Between Feb 22nd and March 9th I'll have a bunch of books for free. Specifically, I'll have these books for free:.

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Labels: Alex Cheradon , awesome , free book , Reapers in Heels , shameless promotion. It's finished!! Worried that you might miss the release date?

Just fill out that form to your right and you'll get an email just as soon as the book is available for purchase. Now, to get you all excited, here's a peek at the first 1, words. Be sure to tell all of your friends to buy the book, okay? Lori Standford settles in to her chair with a hot cup of tea and good book in hand, preparing herself for a quiet night at home. Wisps of steam drift off her tea and swirling around, filling her nose with the scent of chamomile. The purple mug reminds her of times past when she graduated from college. Her mother had stood there so proud and clapping so loud as Lori accepted her diploma.

The purple mug was waiting for Lori when she got back to her dorm that night. Lori shakes her head. No, she did the right thing. It was bad enough to lose her mother. But her childhood home? She gently blows on the hot tea, trying to cool it down to a bearable temperature. Hot tea before bed with her mother is a fond memory. Lori sighs and gives in to the sadness. She misses her mom. No, tonight she is going to let her memories keep her company. Lori smiles. The noise startles her immediately. A heavy noise, as though someone was dropping a bags of bricks against the floor above her.

Lori walks carefully to the entrance of her living room. She hears whispers now. She feels immediately silly. All alone in the empty house. She catches sight of it for a second out of the corner of her eye. She forgets about it almost immediately. Labels: awesome , New Book , Reapers in Heels , sample. It was great. They had a lot of great visual tricks to show us how Sherlock's mind works.

Death Wears Stilettos

And the way episode's 1 and 3 were written, it felt as they had managed to cram 6 episodes of story into 1. Some very skillful writing there. I like their season structure of three hour and a half episodes. What they're really doing is making a standard movie trilogy, when you think about it.

Only instead of waiting months or years between each installment, you only need to wait a week. I'd be interested in seeing this kind of production applied to other properties. Even more fascinating than the modern day take on Sherlock Holmes, I think is the use of Moriarty. In the show, Moriarty is a powerful and scary figure.

But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle only used him once, maybe twice? I wonder what Doyle would think of it It also blows my mind that there was a fandom so strong back in the late 's that Doyle was actually convinced to bring Sherlock Holmes back to life. I can imagine that happening today with the Internet and email. But back then?

It just blows my mind.

e-book A Diamond Before Dying (Reapers in Heels #4)

And now that I've stirred the pot of controversy, let me tell you about my current free promotion. Steven Raines you know, the man who made billions making an operating system that out-Microsoft-ed Microsoft? Good news: It's a million dollar payday. Bad news: she may be a Satanist hell bent on bringing the Devil to Earth. The dead bodies are piling up. Vampires are crawling out of the woodwork. And there's something named Pookie that's lurking around the corner. Hannu says:. June 2, at am. March 3, at am.